Trip to Kona
Island of Hawaii
Hawaiian Islands
August 2001

Kona is on the west side of the Big Island and is known for sunshine most of the year.  It can often be compared to the leeward side of Oahu that is also very dry.  The trip to Kona consisted of one day of SCUBA diving and riding mules the next day in the afternoon.

The Island of Hawaii is often referred to as the Big Island since it is as large as the other major islands put together.  The Big Island is also the youngest at about one million years.  T-Rex was long extinct before this island was born.  The Big Island hosts two active volcanoes.  Kilauea is the most active volcano in the world.  It began a phase of eruption in 1983 and shows no sign of  stopping.  Mauna Loa erupted a few times in the 1980's, but is capable of inundating Kona and Hilo.  The Kona International Airport was carved from a Mauna Loa lava flow dating back to the 1850's. 

The Big Island is so young that there are very few beaches.  With little sand to stir things up, the water is very clear.  Another unique feature about the Kona side of the island is how deep the water gets often just a few hundred feet from shore.  In some areas, it is like looking over a cliff into the abyss.

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