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10 of 11. This Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle has a tumor in front of its right hind leg. Known as Fibropapillomatosis, this viral disease of sea turtles is characterized with multiple tumors on the skin and internal organs. The tumors can eventually kill the turtle by causing blindness when growing over the eyes or obstructing the turtles ability to eat. The presence of tumors has impacted the green turtle populations in Hawaii, Florida and other parts of the world. Most of the Green Sea Turtles that I have observed with tumors have been on the North Shore such as Sharks Cove, Three Tables and the Haleiwa Trench. The turtles that I have observed on Oahu's Leeward Coast have a lot less tumors and look much healthier. On a positive note, we observed many turtles and this was the only turtle that I observed with a tumor. See next photo for a close up of the tumor.